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kmd creative specializes in providing clients with photorealistic renderings of products and packages using a 3D workflow that often eliminates the need for costly photo shoots. The end result of our process yields 3D digital assets that can be easily versioned to reflect an unlimited variety of looks in a much shorter time frame than traditional comping techniques and in concurrence with labels and packaging being developed. In most cases, the images we create are used in final print and online, eliminating the need for photography altogether. Our work is firmly rooted in a thorough and expert understanding of the materials, tools and techniques used in visual communications to achieve explicit, predictable results.
In many instances, kmd creative's 3d workflow replaces the need for costly photo shoots; Photography, retouching and hi-res image assembly can now be collapsed into a single, more affordable process that results in the creation of photographic quality marketing imagery. Once created, 3d brand assets can be manipulated inside the computer's virtual photo studio to create images of products at any angle and in different settings—perfectly textured, lit and rendered to exact specifications. This way, designers can contribute finished content to develop and promote products much earlier in the marketing cycle and concurrently with product, labels and packaging being prepared and produced for entry into the pipeline.
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